Customer Complaints

Customer Complaints And Reviews

Evelyn of Stephens City, VA

Hey. Asked for this asserted shocking things with a beginning transportation charge. The young woman that I conversed with said that in case I expected to get the essential shipment and if you have to cross out you find the opportunity to keep the thing and give back the empty holder. That is a false declaration. I called and Elizabeth endeavored a couple courses for me to keep the holder that I had opened. Finally getting bewildered and I agreed for 60% rebate. She said that I expected to give back the thing what was left and defend and clearly the conveyance and dealing with. Trust me I won’t orchestrate whatever else from that association and trust me I will get the message out reference this.

An of Berwick

They propel a “FREE” example and after that charge you $74.98 in light of the way that you didn’t read the fine print and check the unsubscribe box. When you get upset they act all irreproachable and offended(!!??). Make an effort not to fall for ANY obviously free offers. There is constantly a catch. Besides, don’t envision that the bank will back you up it is conceivable that; I’m sure they’re in on it together. The world has now ended up being so absolutely EVIL!

Jon of Pocatello

So… my wife was deceived into this “wonder weight lessening” drug, with the $2.99 begin charge, wipe out at whatever point articulation. Oblivious that you had a particular time range to drop, or you would be charged a reoccurring cost of $74.98 consistently to the Visa that they obliged you to provide for begin the trade. I check this against my wife’s accounting of the early on trade and she affirms that at the time the solicitation was submitted she instructed them that she was only charmed by the trial test and to pay the starting cost of $2.99 however to “not” charge the card a reoccurring cost, and that they (Pro Bio Slim) agreed to that.

Speedy forward 1 month… Lo and view a $74.98 charge was associated with my Visa account. For my circumstance I have a top on any charge over a particular total, so the charge was declined, however the try was hailed to my E-mail add to teach me of the attempted trade. I quickly came to my Mastercard supplier to uncover all the information concerning this charge, and was given the information for Pro Bio Slim, and their toll free # to reach them concerning the record charge wrangle about. I contacted them and after a goodly measure of time holding up while I was slowly battled listening to their chafing horn tooting notice, I was finally traded to a pros at Bio Slim. Without further ado the repetitive technique of taking after down my record information begins.

Firstly, they couldn’t find any information on me by any stretch of the creative energy (since it was my wife who began the record). Make a tolerable endeavor as they (obviously) could, all advantages achieved a stop. I was then traded to a second authorities, who in the wake of venturing as the principle administrators, couldn’t find the data either. As of right now around 30 minutes had developed before it was unexpectedly found that the record was opened in my wife’s name, not mine. Not we have a base to work off of. I was then traded to a record boss who may see to the end of the record and that no further try to charge the record would happen. “Yes Jon, this is so and along these lines, in what limit would I have the capacity to help you?” I clear up what it is I’m obliging them to do. He says, “okay, let me put you on hold for a moment time I bring your record information up (out of the blue appears out of this air for him)… Yes Jon I have your record data right here..” and keeps on hanging up on me.

I assume that might manage a couple individuals, however for me, you just hurled gas on my successfully capricious fire. I return to right. I get an experts on the phone and let them know each one of that has developed, and I require traded to the principle record boss open. I’m put on hold, and after about 3 minutes and amazingly enough, get the same administrators I had when I was hung up on (I recorded his name). He acts like he never talked with me and demands all my record information, afresh. I offer it to him and we then proceed.

In conclusion after around 57 minutes of running me around in circles and utilizing every try to get me off their back that they had carefully arranged their laborers to preform, I finally got the record chief to wipe out any further try to charge my Visa for their thing. Alright yet too awful. Only the future will tell if this truly worked. We’ll see whether they try to charge me again one month from now or not.

Louise of Green Bay

I in like manner misused the free example for essentially the cost of conveyance and dealing with just, for example, other individuals. I read that in case you didn’t wipe out within 18 days of asking for then they would send you another container anyway I didn’t see a worth they would charge, until I went online and read so much stuff!! Man, another of those associations that can’t offer their thing unless they are unpretentious and questionable and trap the all inclusive community, obviously! I should have known not to get incorporated into another of these traps, yet I figure I can’t help it! In a matter of seconds, I have been calling that phone number since Saturday and all I get is a fast clamoring sign. I tried informing them yet it wouldn’t encounter! In this manner, I figure my equitable reaction is to get my Visa and cross out or frustrate any further charges from this association!!

Nikia of Magee

They got me on the free trial. Everything I needed to pay was postage charge.. I asked for two holders. They charged my card twice $88. I didn’t subscribe to anything… by what technique would we have the capacity to stop them? Will they be sued?

Jerry of Jacksonville

I asked for the free example, pay only the postage. Before I knew it I had a 80.0 charge on my Mastercard. When I called the 800 number I got a recording that played over and over, then I called my charge card association and let them know the issue. They scratched off my card in light of the trap. I could recoup my money.

Yvette of Ventura

I was suckered into the trial too. I was ensured they would simply charge shipping. NO notification was made of an Autoship program. By then I saw the charge for $74.98 on my card. I IMMEDIATELY called my bank and was educated that I would need to call the association to scratch off. So I called the number from the solicitation certification email. I was on hold for 2.5 HOURS listening to a recording that is their advancing on an interminable circle. This is unacceptable. They pull this so you will get shocked and hang up without wiping out your solicitation. After that I went to my bank particularly and they are exchanging the charge and blocking this association from charging my record any further.

Dee of North Canton

ProBioSlim advances a 14 day free trial for $2.00. I experienced the whole advancement and did not see an “if you mastermind this you will be charged $74.00 from your money related adjust every month.” Some promotions let you know like it is no spot in their fine print like some are expressing there is precisely what is your road number and bank data. I was told it had a probiotic in it. My pro said this is awful moreover the medication authority. I got so generally wiped out I was flinging taking after a week. I thought I expected to call them anyway it doesn’t give a cancelation or anything in case you rotate toward the sky the advancement!! When I got to cross out she totally taught me to calms down, “it is unnecessarily late!!!” There are a couple and various more dissents in like manner on the probiotic site. I will stay in contact with their attorney general and what a disfavor Amazon and GNC is joining in this as well!!

Kathy of Lynnwood

I was considering asking for the free sample where you give them your visa information and are charged $2.99 for transportation and dealing with. People are protesting about rehashing charges and shipments. In case they read the comprehension in fine print, it says you will be then month to month supplies at $89.99 a month. People did not read the fine print. I just thought they were getting negative feedback.

Charlotte of Las Vegas

I asked for the illustration of ProBioSlim. I gave them my Mastercard, as per some fundamental trustworthiness, that it would simply be charged for the transportation. By then I went online to take a gander at this thing, and find that my Mastercard could be charged again for another solicitation of ProBioSlim that I didn’t agree to buy. I have sent them an email to cross out any further charges to my card, and not to send any more ProBioSlim to me…I need to watch my card or wipe out it to ensure they won’t charge it. I will fill you in regarding whether it is charged afresh. Another loathsome association that does Not Trust their thing, and should use questionable elevating to offer it.


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